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3D Lab – ATO Lab+

Manufacturer : 3D Lab
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industry, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

The ATO Lab + machine is a compact metallic powder production machines (ultrasonic atomizers) for a large variety of precious reactive and non-reactive metals.

Reference : 3DLabATOLAB+
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3D Lab – ATO Lab+

The ATO Lab+ is a metal spherical powder manufacturing machine for Powder 3D printing machines and powder metallurgy. A compact machine that allows to work on all types of metals (reactive or not). With a vacuum pump and the current gas treatment (oxygen, argon), the machine can obtain the best purity degree possible.

These machine can be used to launch batches in small quantities.

high-end atomization in your laboratory

3D Lab - ATO Lab+

Unsieved, raw ATO Lab plus powder, note the uniform size and spherical shape of the particles.

3D Lab - ATO Lab+

A spherical IN718 powder particle produced in ATO Lab plus

3D Lab – ATO Lab+

General information

  • Process: Metal powders production
  • Technology: Ultrasonic atomization
  • Melting method: TIG / Induction
  • Sonotrode type: Half-wave nanoalloy sonotrode – patent pending
  • Inert gas flushing method: Vacuum pump
  • Cooling method: Liquid
  • Processable materials: Non-reactive & reactive alloys (e.g. Ti, Al, Zr-based alloys, intermetallics and refractory metals)
  • Powder quality: 20-120 µm
  • PSD (particle size distribution): High flowability, spherical particles shape, narrow PSD, low oxygen content
  • Powder collecting system: Cyclone
  • Protective atmosphere preparation time: < 5 min.
  • Input material: Any shape*
  • Certification: CE


  • Ultrasonic frequency: 35kHz (+ upgrade to higher frequency)
  • O2 level (delta): < 150 ppm
  • System throughput: Up to 0.3 l/h
  • Machine weight (uncrated): 700 kg
  • Size (HxWxD): 1997 x 1070 x 1539 mm


  • Air supply: Compressed air station
  • Inert gas: Argon
  • Power supply requirements / consumption: 400V, 10 KVA / 3 phase
  • Cleaning unit: Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Powder recycling system: Sieving unit
  • Water cooling: External chiller

*SRFS, MRFS, IMFS modules


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3D Lab

3D Lab is a metal atomizer manufacturer for metallic powder. Their principal assets are their machines sizes (integrable in a laboratory), the time gained, the powders quality, the metals quantity that can be treated, the low maintenance required, and all to an affordable price. These machines can be used to…

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