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3D Lab – ATO Lab Noble

Manufacturer : 3D Lab
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industry, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

The ATO Noble machine is a compact metallic powder production machines (ultrasonic atomizers) for a large variety of precious metals.

Reference : 3DLabATOLABnoble
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3D Lab – ATO Lab Noble

The ATO Noble is the most recent machine from 3D Lab designed for metallic powders manufacture with precious materials. A compact machine that allows an economic, efficient atomization, without worrying about precious raw materials losses for an obtained powder with perfectly spherical powder. These metallic powders are perfect in fields such as jewelry, electronic, or space industries.

These machine can be used to launch batches in small quantities.

3D Lab – ATO Lab+

General information

  • Process: Metal powders production
  • Technology: Ultrasonic atomization
  • Melting method: TIG
  • Sonotrode type: Nanoalloy sonotrode
  • Cooling method: Liquid
  • Processable materials: Ag, Au, Pt, Pd and more
  • Powder quality: High flowability, narrow particle size distribution
  • Powder collecting system: Cyclone
  • Material form: Wire / rod


  • Ultrasonic frequency: 35 kHz (+ upgrade to higher frequency)
  • Ultrasonic powder: Up to 800W
  • O2 level (delta): < 150 ppm
  • Plasma current: Up to 220A
  • System throughput: Up to 0,25 l/h
  • Machine weight: 700 kg
  • Size [HxWxD]: 1997 x 813 x 1533 mm


  • Air supply: Compressed air station
  • Inert gas: Argon
  • Power supply: 400V, 20KVA / 3 phase
  • Powder recycling system: Sieving unit
  • Water cooling: External chiller


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3D Lab is a metal atomizer manufacturer for metallic powder. Their principal assets are their machines sizes (integrable in a laboratory), the time gained, the powders quality, the metals quantity that can be treated, the low maintenance required, and all to an affordable price. These machines can be used to…

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