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3D Lab – ATO Induction Melting System

Manufacturer : 3D Lab
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industry, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

The ATO’s Induction Melting System is a module that can be added to atomizers to increase their productivity.

Reference : 3DLabATOinductionmeltingsystem
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3D Lab – ATO Induction Melting System

This module allows to atomize non-standard geometries materials, and improve the number of materials the machine can work with, reaching higher atomization levels, thus offering a wider flexibility.

3D Lab – ATO Induction Melting System

  • Modular and compact design
  • Laboratory equipment with low space requirements
  • Optional and easy-to-swap module for ATO ultrasonic metal atomizers
  • Compatible with standard ATO rod feeders (SRFS and MRFS)
  • Freedom to use both crucibles and rod feeders
  • Standard crucibles with a volume of 200 cm3 – larger crucibles on request
  • Increased atomization productivity – process efficiency is significantly higher than a standard configuration
  • Ensures high chemical purity of atomized materials
  • Pressurized, precise molten material feeding system
  • The process takes place in a sealed chamber filled with shielding gas
  • Durable, solid atomization platform
  • Double-layer crucibles to guarantee enough insulation and steady processing
  • Precise temperature setting system
  • Digital monitoring system
  • Easy to use by a single operator
  • Expands the range of material for exploration
  • Ideal for material recovery
  • Compatible with ATO Cast (Induction casting furnace designed by 3D Lab)


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3D Lab is a metal atomizer manufacturer for metallic powder. Their principal assets are their machines sizes (integrable in a laboratory), the time gained, the powders quality, the metals quantity that can be treated, the low maintenance required, and all to an affordable price. These machines can be used to…

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