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XIRIS – XIR 1800 : thermal camera system

Manufacturer : Xiris Automation
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Industry, Railway

The XIR-1800 is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal camera designed for use in critical metal joining and Additive Manufacturing applications where thermal properties of key features need to be carefully monitored in real-time.

Combining a spectacular 120+ dB HDR capability with sensitivity to the Short-Wave InfraRed (SWIR) spectrum, the XIR-1800 Thermal Camera provides enhanced imaging of metal joining processes beyond what is visible using standard thermal or visible-light cameras.

Reference : XIRISxir1800
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XIR 1800 thermal camera system


  • Enables, high contrast clear images of the welding arc or Laser process, melt pool and surrounding material,
  • Provides a thermal temperature map to monitor key weld zones such as the melt pool, deposited material and surrounding base material for in-process control and quality assurance. From ~ 250 to over 1800°C.
  • Provides thermal calibrated temperature measurements in the 350-1500 °C range, in Thermal Mode.
  • Provides ability to image through smoke or fumes to provide an exceptionally clear, real-time views of any metal additive or welding process.
  • Provides ability to capture high speed pulsing processes in real-time using Global Shutter and high frame rates, with or without triggering.
  • Integrates with Xiris WeldStudio™ software suite so that multiple Xiris weld cameras (thermal or visual) and a Xiris weld microphone can be integrated together for data synchronization, capture and analysis in one powerful software platform.
  • Utilizes C-Mount lenses and can be configured with numerous optics to suit any application.
  • Camera Dimensions : 40(W) x 43(H) x 66(L) mm without lens
  • Image Sensor : 1” SWIR HDR InGaAs +120 dB
  • Camera Weight : 140 g without Lens
  • Wavelength Sensitivity : 900 – 1700 nm
  • Environmental Rating : IP54 (without housing)
  • Resolution : 640H x 512V Pixels (15 µm square pixels)
  • Shutter Range : 10 µs – 5000 µs Exposure
  • Temperature Sensing Range : ~250 – 1800+ °C
  • Environmental Temperature : Ambient up to 35˚C Up to 80˚C with cooling plate
  • Thermally Calibrated : 350 – 1500°C
  • Camera Connectors : Locking RJ 45 Ethernet (Cat 6+); Hirose HR10A for I/O and Trigger
  • Frame Rate : Up to 180 fps at full resolution; Up to 1000 fps at reduced resolution with AOI
  • Lens Mounting : C/CS Mount
  • Thermal Calibrated Mode : 100+ fps, hardware dependent
  • Software : Xiris WeldStudio™ 2.3.5 & later; WeldSDK™ 2.2 and later Image Data Format : 14 Bit Imaging; 16 Bit Imaging with Thermal
  • Humidity : Operating: 20 to 80%(non-condensing)
  • Camera Controls : Exposure Time; Frame Rat AOI; Image format;, Trigger and I/O.


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