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Manufacturer : UNIOR
Sectors : Automotive, Aerospace, Industry, Railway

Due to larger and larger demands of customers in boreholes implementation (tolerance of boreholes, quality of surfaces), development and use of different deep hole-drilling procedures with different systems of drilling, has become one of indispensable processing procedures in metal processing industry.

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Standard and special deep drilling machines – Gundrills

Advantages of deep hole-drilling

  • Optimal work regimes
  • Good quality of boreholes, considering the tolerance of diameter, quality of surfaces and geometric accuracy of shapes
  • Good conditions for cooling and lubricating
  • High accuracy of run-out
  • It replaces more steps of the work procedure, for example pre-drilling, redrilling etc. with one single procedure of “deep hole drilling”
  • Processing of materials that are difficult to process
  • Large drilling depths in one cycle of drilling (up to 250mm diameter)
  • Continuous and not complicated removal of chips

Positive characteristics demand

  • Stable implementation of machines
  • Adequate devices for cooling and filtration
  • Use of modern machine elements
  • Steering technique with functions of tool supervision

Drilling Systems

Drilling with system ELB (Single Lip Drill)

As a basis in all three systems we need a drilling bush, which at the beginning of drilling leads the drill as long as it needs for the drilling head to completely penetrate the material which is being processed. The cooling medium, which can be cutting oil or emulsion under high pressure, enters from the back side of the driving mechanism and passes thru the spindle and through the drill onto the cutting part of the drilling head. Cuttings exit together with the cooling medium through the lateral groove of the drill and fall thru the holder of drilling bush into the drain tap of chips.

Drilling with system BTA or STS (single tube system)

The characteristic of this system is that it is intended for drilling holes of bigger dimensions from 20 mm and up. The tool is composed of a tube that is fitted into the driving spindle, and crown drilling head that has hard-metal cutting plates that are brazed or screwed. The way of the cooling medium is reverse as at the ELB system. The cooling medium enters under pressure next to the tube onto the drilling head and onto the cutting plates, there it cools off the cuttings and then together with them passes through the tube, driving spindle and exits on the back side of the driving spindle and continues to the drain tap of chips.

Drilling with system EJECTOR

This system is intended mostly for the construction of deep hole-drilling onto different processing centers that have hollow driving spindles. It is composed of a crown drilling head, two tubes which are inserted one in another and of an injector that serves as an inlet for the cooling medium. The cooling medium passes between the tubes onto the drilling head, where it takes over the cuttings, and returns through the inner tube and through the driving spindle into the drain tap of chips.

The Standard program consists of production of three types of machines, that enable drilling from 2-65 mm diameter of holes in the full. Depending on the system of drilling and supplementary requirements, the machines can be modified according to the needs and wishes of the customer. The machines are mostly intended for rotary workpieces, as they enable rotation in reverse direction of the workpiece for bigger level of boreholes exactitude. Modification with coordinate table enables processing of also smaller cubic workpieces.

Technical data

Type TBM 15 TBM 30 TBM 60
Drilling system ELB ELB, BTA BTA
Drilling in full Φ mm 2-15 6-30 16-65
Redrilling Φ mm max. 20 max. 60 max. 150
Depth of drilling mm Up to 1000 Up to 2000 Up to 10m
Power of drive kW 5,5 22 37
Number of spindle revolutions continuously variable 1/min 1000-12000 473-6000 125-2400
Movement of drilling Mm/min. 1-1000 1-1000/ 2500 1-500/ 2500
Fast pace m/min. 30 25 25
Diameter of workpiece Mm 500 500 500

Processing center KTBM

Work Area

  • X-axis : 3600 mm
  • Y-axis : 1500 mm
  • W-axis : 1000 mm
  • Inclination of drilling axis : +15/-100°

Table (B-axis)

  • Surface : 2000 x 2000 mm
  • Max. allowed encumbrance : 10000 kg
  • Segmentation – continuously variable : 360 degrees
  • Max. speed : 10 revolutions/min.


Deep hole drilling

  • Drilling system : ELB + BTA
  • Drilling in full : 4-80 Φ mm
  • Depth of drilling (max.) : 2300 Φ mm
  • Drill chuck : 20 VDI 3208


  • Milling tool : 50 Φ mm
  • Milling tool chuck : HSK 63
  • Sledge pace (Z-axis) : 1000 mm
  • Drive : 40 kW (at 100% ED)
  • Number of revolutions : 100-8000 1/min.
  • Fast pace : 20 m/min
  • Tool chuck : DIN 55 026 Gr.5

Cooling system

  • Volume : 3000 liter
  • Pressure of cooling liquid : 25 – 100 bar
  • flow of cooling liquid : 6 – 400 liter
  • Height pf chips transporter : 1300 mm
  • Implementation of filter : paper filter (automatic filter in option)
  • Drain tap of chips : scraping transporter of chips
  • Steering : INDERMAT INdrAMAT MTC 200 / SIEMENS Siemens 840 D (option)

Dimensions of the machine

  • Lenght : 9500 mm
  • Width : 7000 mm
  • Height : 4400 mm
  • Weight : 38.000 kg

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