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EXONE – S-max Pro

Manufacturer : ExOne
Sectors : Industry, Railway, Aerospace, Automotive

The S-Max Pro is an evolution of the S-Max, with higher productivity and a wider choice of binders. It’s also an excellent choice for both prototyping and industrial serial production.

Reference : EXONE-S-maxPro
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EXONE S-Max® Pro

The S-Max® Pro covers the full range of 3D sand printing from prototyping to serial production and is able to process all ExOne binder systems. It is available as a stand-alone solution but is also scalable and can be connected by a network that creates a fully automated production line, to realize the industrial serial production in 3D sand printing.

System Benefits

  • Fully automated printhead with printing speeds up to 125 l/h
  • Optional recoater that automatically adjusts for easy printing of different materials
  • Optional box-in-box system enables immediate removal and post-processing of job after printing
  • Intuitive Siemens control system with Industry 4.0 integration, cloud connectivity, and recipe control
  • Real-time process control
  • Integrate desanding automation with the semi-automated and automated desanding stations
  • Build Box 1,800 x 1,000 x 700 mm/400H*
  • Build Volume 1260 L
  • Max Build Rate up to 125* l/h (depending on jobbox utilization, sand type, layer height, resolution & environmental conditions)
  • Layer Height 0.26 – 0.38 mm

* the height depends on the type of jobbox chosen




Technology leader for industrial grade additive manufacturing. ExOne, a publicly traded manufacturing technology company, provides 3D printing machines, 3D printed products and related services to industrial customers in multiple segments, including pumps, automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy. The ExOne® process, which utilizes binder jetting technology with industrial materials, gives traditional…

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