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Manufacturer : Autonational
Sectors : Industry, Defense

The SW500 winder is a stable precise one–frame machine, capable of a diameter up to Ø 500 mm, with a 4th axis and a large Y-axis table to mount a fabric reel, resin tray, etc. The SW500 is suitable to be integrated and equipped with lots of extra functions and allows for a fully automated processing of various raw materials.

Reference : AUTONATIONALsw500
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Autonational winders are equipped with free programmable CNC controls. The winding machine is capable of communicating with multiple offline product design programs generating Sinumerik CNC code. Compatible for use with most filament winding pattern generation software, e.g. Cadfil, Composicad, Cadwind.

The SW500 is equipped with a 260 mm stroke, moving tabletop, Y-axis. This allows mounting of various equipment that will move along with the Y-axis. Instead of an integrated console, Autonational machines are equipped with a 19” HMI touch screen and a dual keyboard to allow full control.

  • All-round winder, for all R&D work and composite filament winding production
  • Typical product applications: struts, tubes & piping, (control) rods, tanks, membrane vessels, (marine) driveshafts, utility poles, bearings, sleeves, antenna’s, masts, flywheel, and beams.
  • Free programmable CNC software and controls.
  • Autonational use industrial Siemens hardware
  • This winder can be used in combination with a static or dynamic resin dip, or drum tray on the carriage, a (servo) creel, and winding software like CADFIL.
  • Additionally, autonational design and build your mandrels and other possible tooling.
  • Prepared for fully automated production
  • Can be integrated into an automated line
Type SW 500
Spindles 1
Spindle speed (max) 150 rpm
Carriages 1
Product diam (max) Ø500 mm
Product length (max) 12,000 mm
Number of axis 4
Mandrel weight  (max) 1500 kg
Chucks 3-Claw or 4-Claw on headstock and tailstock. Customized chucks or a live center are
available to suit your specific products.
Tailstock adjustments On linear axis, (motorized optional)
Linear axis Double rail guiding, servo-controlled
Controls CNC Sinumerik, HMI, safety features
Connection 400-480 VAC 50-60Hz, 3 phase & ground
Power 20 kVA
Air (min) 6 bar


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Why Autonational ? Since the foundation of the company in 1977, Autonational strive to help their customers with their needs in the composite manufacturing industry. No matter how big and grand or complex and small, their specialized engineers are able to create the machine or (automated) production line that completely…

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