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Yeti Tool – Aaron’s Project, he design his chair using Fusion360


Yeti Tool expérience client - chaise

Aaron’s Project

There are worse things than being told to work from home with a SmartBench! With England in lockdown, Aaron found he suddenly had a bit of spare time to play with some project ideas he’d been saving up, starting with this parametric office chair.


After taking some initial measurements, he began to design his chair using Fusion360. He wanted a project that could be assembled easily, without any screwing or complex joints.

Yeti Tool expérience client - chaise


The slats of the chair were cut from two full sized plywood sheets, and pieced together using 30mm beech wood dowels.

Yeti Tool Chaise Yeti Tool Chaise


Finally he cut some some simple spacers on SmartBench using the Shapecutter app, and fitted the chair together with glue and some light hammering.

Yeti Tool Chaise Yeti Tool Chaise

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