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3D Printers, YES but Why in a Jewelry shop?




The first 3D printers to produce prototypes wax jewelry appeared in the late 90s and their development was driven by the democratization of software computer aided design whose prices have fallen with those of the PC. A generation of young designers and modelers was formed to digital techniques and the increasing power of today’s PC allows the realization of very complex models that were unachievable with traditional technologies.

SOLIDSCAPE accompanied this movement from its origins : the quality of its waxes, perfect casting and the models have a surface and incomparable precision wax. All the big names in the global high jewelry and their subcontractors are already equipped !


Multistation is SolidScape partner since 1998 and has installed hundreds of machines in the workshops of jewelry. We propose in our Paris Montparnasse demonstration center, PROTO3DSHOP, a full range of solutions for digital manufacturing of jewelry:
– Day or introductory course to the JAO or E- jewelry (jewelry and computer-aided ) with demonstration of CAD software , 3D scanning and 3D printers, download of sample models…
– Detailed demonstrations of 3D scanners, simple or extreme precision 3D printers , from the basic machine to visualize the prototype to the machine for the production of parts in wax with maintenance contract , engraving and laser welding machines …
– Training courses

We offer:
– Personalized demonstrations in your office or in our demo center where you will test the technology with your own files
– Financing solutions according to budgets for new or used machines with protection against obsolescence
– Proposals for the organization of productions centers
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Multistation provides complete solutions for digital manufacturing industry since 1987

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