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Bio-based furniture production

At Autonational, where we are proud to be at the forefront of eco-friendly and innovative composite technology. We are excited to introduce our new production lines that process renewable raw materials, such as bio-resins and fibers, into sustainable bio-based furniture. Bio-based composite products are a crucial part of a sustainable and circular future.


Autonational specializes in providing complete solutions for our clients who aim to produce eco-friendly and sustainable furniture from natural fibers and resins. Our goal is to deliver a production line that is fully tailored to the customer’s needs and ready to go, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of the production process.

We take great pride in our ability to provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses all the necessary machinery for creating bio-based furniture. Our expertise and commitment to quality guarantee exceptional results, making us the ideal partner for clients who seek to produce sustainable and environmentally conscious products. As the demand for eco-friendly materials continues to grow, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact while delivering top-notch machinery and solutions for bio-based furniture production.

Autonational has undertaken multiple projects focusing on the development and implementation of production lines for bio-based furniture. Notably, two of these projects include the creation of a filament winding machine for manufacturing table bases using flax fiber and bio-resin, as well as the establishment of a pre-impregnation line designed specifically for impregnating flax mats with bio-resin. These initiatives highlight Autonational’s dedication to advancing sustainable solutions within the furniture manufacturing industry by leveraging bio-based materials.

For more information about production lines for bio-based composites, visit the following webpage.

Pre-impregnation line for flax matting

Autonational has developed a production line for the pre-impregnation of flax fiber mats, resulting in a semi-finished product that will be further processed into a chair seat at a later stage in the production process. The operating principle of the production line is as follows: At the input end of the line, dry flax fiber mats are placed on a track. The mats are then transported beneath a ‘resin shower’ where they are impregnated with a bio-resin. Next, the mats pass under a roller that wrings out any excess resin. Following that, the mats are conveyed through a continuous oven, where they undergo partial curing. After this stage, the flax fiber mats are ready for further processing.

Filament winding line for winding flax fibre table bases

Autonational, in close collaboration with the customer, has successfully developed a cutting-edge filament winding line explicitly designed for winding table bases using natural fibers. This remarkable achievement was made possible by Autonational’s expertise and experience in the field. Furthermore, our dedicated Research and Development department played a pivotal role in assisting the customer during the initial stages of the project, providing valuable insights on product development, manufacturability, mandrel design, and prototyping. Leveraging the outcomes of this collaboration, Autonational successfully engineered and designed the state-of-the-art production line to meet the customer’s unique requirements.


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