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AUTONATIONAL | Bio-based pole production line



Bio-based pole production line

Introducing a production line based on filament winding technology that can work with bio-based fibers and resins. 


Autonational is a renowned leader in the field of eco-friendly and state-of-the-art composite technology. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability has led us to develop a ground-breaking production line dedicated to manufacturing environmentally sustainable bio-based poles for various applications. These innovative bio-based composite products play a pivotal role in driving the transition toward a sustainable and circular future. We are excited to introduce our latest offerings and contribute to a greener world.

Client objective

Our client embarked on an ambitious endeavor to revolutionize the industry by creating the world’s first bio-based poles that are not only environmentally friendly but also meet the high-quality standards of traditional solutions. Collaborating closely with our client, our mission was to develop a climate-neutral production process that utilizes their 100% bio-resin.

By leveraging this innovative material, we aimed to deliver bio-based poles that are CO2 negative and fully recyclable, making a significant contribution to sustainability and circular economy goals.

Research and development

Autonational’s R&D department played a pivotal role in both the development of the bio-based poles and the accompanying production line. Extensive trial testing was conducted to achieve the perfect combination of bio-based resin and fiberglass materials, ensuring the highest quality output. Through rigorous calculations, modeling, and a series of trials and tests, we identified the optimal laminate for the sign pole, meeting all its stringent requirements. One of the many challenges we encountered was related to foaming during the curing cycle of the poles.

To overcome this issue, we devised an innovative approach. While still on the winder, the poles were carefully wrapped with a reusable Teflon tape, effectively containing the foaming process and allowing for better resin distribution. The curing process took place in our state-of-the-art gas-fed oven, with the poles rotating for even and precise curing. Our commitment to research and development empowered us to overcome all obstacles associated with this ground-breaking project. The result is a remarkable range of bio-based poles that not only meet the necessary standards but also contribute significantly to a more sustainable future.

Small series production

Our R&D department also provided valuable support to our customers by assisting them with a small series production for field testing purposes. This collaboration allowed our customers to evaluate the performance of the bio-based poles in real-world conditions. We worked closely with them to ensure that the production process and the poles themselves met their specific requirements.During this small series production, we focused on achieving the highest quality output.

Through meticulous attention to detail and continuous refinement, we ensured that the bio-based resin and fiberglass materials were combined effectively to deliver the right product. The feedback and insights gathered from the field testing phase further informed our ongoing research and development efforts. We utilized this valuable information to refine our processes and optimize the design of the bio-based poles, resulting in an even more reliable and efficient product.


This successful collaboration with our client has led to the creation of a revolutionary solution that reflects our shared vision for a greener and more environmentally conscious world. Autonational is proud to provide cutting-edge machinery and expertise, enabling businesses and organizations to make a significant impact. As we move forward, we invite you to join us in embracing the future of sustainable infrastructure. At Autonational, innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand, driving positive change for a better tomorrow.

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