BLT reports 78% year on year increase in net profit for 2023


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BLT reports 78% year on year increase in net profit for 2023


Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has reported a 34.24% year on year increase to its operating income after the company brought in approximately 170 million USD in 2023.

The company’s net income was up 78.11% compared to the previous year, with it profit amounting to approximately 19.6 million USD.

BLT is a provider or metal powder bed fusion 3D printing systems based in China. The company’s technology has been used in the development of applications like brain surgery robotics systems, bicycle frames, and rocket engine parts. Aerospace and aviation comprised 56% of BLT’s revenue, with Industrial custom amounting to 37% and research institutes accounting for 5.64%.

As the distribution of BLT’s metal additive manufacturing systems increases, the company also expanded its product range. Last year, the company introduced the BLT-S615, BLT-S815, and the BLT-S1500, the latter featuring 26 lasers and a 1500 x 1500 x 1200 mm build volume. BLT has continued to push the envelop in terms of laser power and build volume to facilitate the serial production of small and medium sized parts, while also enabling the production of larger components in shorter runs.

Alongside the hardware introductions, BLT has also unveiled several high-temperature alloys and titanium alloy materials tailored for the aerospace sector. Among the new additions to its materials portfolio are the BLT-In738, which has been developed to address challenges cracking and low density; the BLT-Ti64 powder, which boasts good corrosion resistance, and the BLT-Ti which features high plasticity.

Other technology and product developments launched by BLT in 2023 included a support-free technique that enables the printing of structures with angles of less than 30°C without the need for additional support, and the BLT-BP V2.0 software suite tailored for a production line that can comprise over a hundred metal 3D printers. The company also continued its global expansion efforts with resellers signed in South Korea, Japan, Poland and Nigeria, and exhibited at international events such as TCT JapanRAPID + TCT and Formnext.

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