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Yamamay Totem

From Yamamay‘s creative idea, we brought to life their iconic “Y” with a 3D printed, four-meter-tall sculpture, that will become the company’s landmark in their HQ in Gallarate (VA).

The sculpture is built in two key elements we manufactured with our LFAM systems: a 1-meter tall cement plinth basement made from a custom 3D printed formwork, and a 3-meter Y logo made from recycled polypropylene, which was varnished with a protective layer to ensure resistance to weathering.

Beyond the size and innovativeness, what really stands out is the fact that this project was possible thanks to the synergic collaboration between a far-sighted company that is pushing daily to pursue its objectives in circular economy and a company that ideated a revolutionary technology that enables sustainable industrial production.

Yamamay-totem Yamamay-totem

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