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Case study with the 3D printer HP Multi Jet Fusion


HP Heli Racing Manifold Part Render

Customer challenge

The Heli Racing car, a BMW 120d, incorporated a manifold made with two injection Molded half-parts of PA6 material glued together. This manifold was a industrialized part from BMW that did not meet the requirements for racing purposes. The manifold would burst during the race because the glue joint between the two half-parts was not strong enough to resist pressure and thermal conditions.

Heli Racing Manifold HP Heli Racing Manifold HP

Customer Solution

  • Using 3D scanning methods and reverse engineering, the manifold has been replicated digitally, and improved with some technical adjustments.
  • The manifold was 3D printed in just one part to prevent problems with glue sealings.
  • The 3D printed manifold performed very well during the race, where it withstood a pressure of 3 bar and temperatures of up to 80°C.
  • Thanks to this sucess, the team is considering improvements to up to five more parts of the car usinf 3D printing with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.
Heli Racing Manifold hp Heli Racing Manifold hp Heli Racing Manifold hp

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