Cevotec | Major ARTIST STUDIO upgrades for efficient and versatile desings



Major ARTIST STUDIO upgrades for efficient and versatile desings

Our team is constantly improving our CAD CAM software ARTIST STUDIO to offer our customer the best possible user experience. We publish new releases regularly and keep you informed via our dedicated newsletter. In our latest version 23.3.0, we released new features especially for the CAD module PATCH ARTIST.

The new geometry refactoring leads to 25% faster opening of files, much faster redrawing, less memory usage and smaller file sizes. We also added a feature called “duplicate layer”. Now it is possible to duplicate an already existing layer during the laminate creation process in order to use it as a starting point for a new layer with the same parameters instead of starting from the scratch. Furthermore, it is now possible to use different patch types in one layer, which allows mixing different patch geometries, like rectangular and trapezoid shape. It is also now possible to manually, interactively adjust the patch geometry for a particular patch in one layer.

The team also implemented some features to optimize the laminate creation in case of open curves. Patches are distributed along curves. If the curve is not closed, i.e. it has a starting and end point which are not identical, the patches have to be distributed along this open curve. To efficiently achieve an even patch distribution, design engineers can now rely on an extended new Variable Patch Length feature that automatically determines the best patch length within a defined range to reach an even distribution over the whole curve. Furthermore, if the composite part requires certain overlaps, the PATCH ARTIST is able to automatically distribute patches to design equal patch overlaps, keeping the fixed length and start and end points. Last but not least, the feature now also determines automatically the best angle for trapezoid patches to also achieve an even patch distribution without gaps along the curve.

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