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[CUBICON] The spider web phenomenon


Advices from Cubicon

Cobweb phenomena (Stringing or Oozing) is 3D that produced a fine filament lines on the output printouts he says. In general, the more filaments extruded from a nozzle while moving to a new location in the phenomenon of going or leak occurs. Sean Lee Trek (Retraction) settings and extruder temperature settings, and allows you to avoid the spider web developer.

Retraction distance

The most important re-design track settings “Lee Trek Sean distance”.

Lee Trek illustration is 3D of the printer output of the extruder in function of the gear rotates in a direction opposite to the direction of extrusion. Sean Lee Trek distance setting lets you decide whether to withdraw the filaments much from the nozzle.

In general, the nozzle design Lee track the more filaments which filaments are less likely to be leaked during the nozzles are moving.

If the spider web phenomenon occurs severely , test by increasing the retraction distance little by little to see if the problem improves .

Retraction speed

Setting the retraction speed is as important as the distance . This determines how quickly the filament retracts from the nozzle.

Retreating too slowly can cause filament leakage before the extruder moves to its new position. Retracting too quickly may cause the filament to separate from the hot filament inside the nozzle or to split the filament due to rapid movement of the drive gear. If the retraction setting is not suitable, the quality may be severely deteriorated and should be tested carefully .

Extruder temperature

Of the extruder and the temperature is too high, the viscosity of the filaments may come more easily flow away from the nozzle.

If the temperature is too low, the filament will not melt and may have difficulty extruding. Therefore, for severe spider webs , lower the temperature of the extruder by 5 to 10 degrees and check the print quality.

Output speed

If you increase the output speed of the printer, you can reduce the amount of time that the filament leaks when moving between parts.


Conditions under which spider webs are improved may cause weak bonding between layers, and may vary depending on the model type, so sufficient testing is required.

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