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European Military Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2023

Maritim Hotel | Bonn, Germany - Du 17.10 au 18.10

2nd European Military Additive Manufacturing Symposium

The German Association for Defence Technology – Centre for Studies and Conferences will organise the 2nd European Military Additive Manufacturing Symposium on 17th and 18th October 2023 in Bonn, Germany to discuss the military perspective of AM. This symposium is supported by the European Defence Agency.

While the technical potential of AM rises continuously, logistical and other non-technological limitations (i.e. certification and liability) remain fundamental. This symposium will address all the advantages and limitations from the perspective of industry, research and armed forces.

Meet our partners !

  • Euro-Composites : they provide composite parts ready to be installed, shaped composites, panels but more specifically honeycombs.
  • Meltio : 3D metal printer laser wire process for the realization of metal parts blanks or spare parts on site.
  • Metrom : 5-axis solution for spare part production and repair by means of additive and subtractive machining of steels and CFRP.

European Military Additive Manufacturing Symposium

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  • machines for the industrialization of composite materials
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