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[KERN application example] Breakthrough in ceramic processing


KERN Percée dans le traitement de la céramique

KERN deals intensively with basic research ! They have succeeded in taking high-precision processing of technical ceramics to a new level and increasing the possible material removal rates.

KERN Percée dans le traitement de la céramique

The main reason why ceramics are not used most often is because of the expensive mechanical finishing, which accounts for up to 80% of the total cost of the components. The KERN applications department, in particular the team around system engineer Marvin Gröb, has set itself the goal of reducing this high proportion of costs in a process-stable manner. With success!

In combination with special tools on Kern machines, a ductile cutting mode has been developed which does not break the ceramic during milling, but allows a chip to flow out. At the same time, the problematic brittleness of the edges is reliably avoided and tool wear is reduced.

“In addition, we can also drill holes much deeper than before, and with our Kern Micro series we can achieve the highest surface quality with µm precision,” explains Marvin Gröb. “This revolutionary development is very relevant for practical use.”

KERN Percée dans le traitement de la céramique

  • article from our partner KERN

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