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Kern Microtechnik at EMO 2021 : Hall 1 Booth C21


Press Release about EMO 2021

Kern Microtechnik at EMO 2021: Hall 1 Booth C21

Experience the limit of what is feasible

How can parts – e.g. injection molding tools for filter housings – be machined with a precision of less than 1 µm and surfaces in the single-digit nanometer range? With the Micro HD from Kern! At the EMO 2021 in Milan, Hall 1, Booth C21, Kern will show in live acts how it works.

Superlatives such as “extremely precise” should only rarely be used. But how else could one describe the five-axis series production of components with process-reliable accuracies of less than 1 µm? If you want to see how it works with your own eyes, you can do so at EMO 2021. The machine manufacturer Kern manufactures injection molding tools for filter housings that are used in respiratory masks in a live act.

The parts are first roughed with the Heidenhain OCM option and then brought to the highest quality at critical points with five-axis grinding cycles via jig grinding. After machining, manual polishing is usually the order of the day. Due to the high surface quality in the single-digit nanometer range that the Micro HD achieves, this production step can be omitted.

Several innovative features are decisive for the performance of this technological miracle from Kern. According to the manufacturer, in addition to the linear direct drives, the unique microgap hydrostatics and the sophisticated temperature management are the main contributors.

Different automation systems can be integrated depending on the particular application. That is why Kern considers targeted, project-related advice as almost indispensable.

Highly qualified staff will be available to answer questions from EMO visitors. The experts provide answers about the Kern Micro HD and also about all other Kern machines such as the variably configurable Micro Vario and the Micro Pro, a process-stable solution for efficient part processing in a price-sensitive market segment.

KERN - EMO 2021 KERN - EMO 2021


At the EMO 2021 in Milan (Hall 1, Booth C21), Kern will focus on the five-axis Micro HD high-precision center. The machine roughs and grinds injection molding tools for filter housings in one clamping in polishing quality.

Kern Microtechnik GmbH

Kern Microtechnik GmbH, Eschenlohe, Bavaria, Germany employs 220 people and operates successfully in more than 30 countries worldwide. The focus is on two business areas: The development and manufacturing of high-precision machining centers and the contract manufacturing of milled parts in the micro and nano range.

Milling centers from Kern are used in Kern’s contract manufacturing series production. This enables Kern to not only manufacture high-precision machines, but also to support their customers with the necessary process know-how. Customers become technology partners and are a part of the “Kern family”. Advice for ideal operation and process integration are always included – from an idea to the finished part. This enables Kern customers to increase their profit and competitiveness.

The product portfolio of contract manufacturing includes prototype, single part and series production as well as mounting assemblies and support in the construction phase. The parts are machined by milling, drilling, eroding and grinding.

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