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Mario Carnaghi – President & CEO

It is with great pleasure that this year, with the first issue of 2019, I share with all our readers the achievement of a great goal: The first 90 years of activity of MARIO CARNAGHI Spa.

In these 90 years three generations and four leaders have succeeded. I look at our future with the same pride as numerous valid and serious collaborators have been assisting me for years now. Furthermore, I can also rely on the technical and sentimental support of my two nephews (Massimiliano and Alessandro) and my two sons (Luca and Marco). They all contribute to the success and the growth of our company.

Enjoy your reading !

50 years of History (1969/2019)

The following article will be dedicated to the Indian market and the Bangalore exhibition, which celebrates its 50th edition this year (1969-2019)

MARIO CARNAGHI Spa reconfirms its participation in this historic event and seizes occasion to announce its first 90 years of activity (1929-2019) and consolidate its position in the Indian market, especially in the power generation, railway, defense, oil & gas and many others.

The Indian economy has resisted the shocks of the market and the Indian machine tool industry has seen an interesting growth, mainly because the fundamentals of the economy and industry are solid.

The demand for machine tools in India has a growth of about 15% per year and is estimated to reach a value of around 3 mld dollars in 2020.

India is becoming a very important player in the global machine tool market.

MARIO CARNAGHI Spa is on the Indian territory with more than 40 installations, covering most of the biggest and important companies there.

mario carnaghi


We have succeeded in supplying machine tools of all types and sizes, both for vertical lathes and for milling machines mainly with tooled up solutions. Here we can see, a milling machine and a vertical lathe, commissioned and delivered to major companies in the Indian market.


The first order is an HGHM.50 milling machine, with moving bridge and moving cross-rail. A machine with 5.500 mm of distance between the columns and 16.000mm of bridge stroke.

This machine is one of the three delivered in India, in one of the most important companies such as B.H.E.L. of Haridwar.

mario carnaghi

The second machine is one of the cornerstones of MARIO CARNAGHI Spa production, the TGP.50.6500.
A large vertical lathe, with moving table, 5.000 mm of table diameter and 6.500 of turning diameter. It is a machine fully hydrostatic and numerical controlled.

This is one of four vertical lathe (TGP. 50.6500) delivered and operating in India. Specifically, this one in the photo was delivered to another big company in India, the H.V.F. of Chennai.


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