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Meet AP&C and Arcam at AMPM Powdermet 2014 in Orlando


As you probably are aware, Arcam AB recently acquired AP&C Advanced Powders and Coatings from Raymor Industries.

AP&C is a top class producer of advanced powders tuned for the specific requirements for Additive Manufacturing processes, Metal Injection Molding, Hot Isostatic Pressing as well as for Coatings. The AP&C proprietary Plasma Atomization process allows the production of highly spherical and high purity metal powders that provide exceptional flowability as well as apparent and tap density.

Although AP&C principally offers Titanium powders, its Plasma process is efficient for atomizion of almost any high melting point alloy including for instance Inconel, Niobium or Molybdenum. 

We welcome you to meet the AP&C team at the AMPM conference in Orlando from May 18-20.

As part of the conference, AP&C will make a presentation on the titanium alloy characteristics for Additive Manufacturing. Moreover, Arcam will make a presentation on the advances of electron beam melting for high volume production.

Magnus René                                                    Jacques Mallette
CEO Arcam                                                      Jacques Mallette

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