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Multistation takes the opportunity of Educatec 2014 to introduce, SIMEDU, an educational 3D design software


We at Simprex3D, have decided to deploy our innovative 3D designing platform into the educational realm, through our new product SIMEDU. Our mission is to convert demanding and inherently complicated 3D lessons into appealing, and interactive, game-based content.
SIMEDU is an educational 3D design, fully gamified course that aims to solve the steep learning curve dilemma of all 3D modeling techniques, by using the simplicity of its platform SIM3Dmodel, to generate the games, exercises, and 3D printing experimentations needed. The educational games designed by Simprex3D adopt both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation philosophies, where the learning outcomes of the games are tested and graded, while being fun and rewarding in themselves, and containing the instructional content we believe will enhance learning efficiency.
Ultimately, the SIMEDU course allows both the schools and the students to maximize the use of their Fablabs, reveal their design talents, and gain the expertise needed to incorporate 3D printing in their future businesses. By doing so, we believe we are shaping the youth of tomorrow to be self-reliant and capable of forgoing the phases of production, from an idea in their head, to an actual tangible prototype, and consequently be more creative, independent, and productive.
In addition to the 3D printing skills students will acquire through our games, we will be also training the students according the infamous 5 brain activity theory, stimulating their memory, speed, attention, flexibility and problem solving.
More information on SIMPREX 3D and SIMEDU, contact Tristan Bourry :

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