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Nanoe Press Release


Nanoe Press Release

30th November 2020

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Multistation become a Nanoe’s reseller

Multisation has signed a reseller contract to distribute Zetamix product, the Nanoe 3D printing brand in France and North Africa.

Multistation and Nanoe signed on 9th November a reseller contract. Multistation will distribute Zetamix products, the first ceramic and metal filaments for FDM 3D printer. These filaments are suitable with almost all 3D printers. Printed parts need to be debinded and sintered. A complete solution including the 3D printer, a debinding kit and a sintering furnace is available for 10 000 euros. This technology aims at making ceramic and metal 3D printing accessible to any company or laboratory with intern tooling, small series or prototyping needs. Multistation will distribute the brand in France, but also in North Africa. It will be the very first step of Zetamix on the African continent.

Multistation was founded in 1987 and is an independent provider of disruptive and advanced consulting, service and device for digital and additive manufacturing. Their expertise cover numerous sector across automotive, aerospace, railway, energy, medical, sub-contractor, academic, R&D, jewelry, dentistry…
Founded by 3 engineers in 2008, Nanoe is a French company specialized in the elaboration and production of highly innovative materials. With their knowledge and know how in the ceramics field, they launched in 2018 a new brand, Zetamix : the first ceramic and metal filaments accessible to all.

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