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New partner : ZYYX Labs AB


ZYYX Labs AB partners with Multistation to deliver ZYYX 3D Printers for the French market

Gothenburg, Sweden, November 18, 2019

ZYYX Labs AB and Multistation today announced a partnership to deliver the ZYYX line of 3D printers and materials for the French market.

ZYYX Labs is expanding its product portfolio and subsequently establishing several new resellers for the ZYYX 3D Printer brand. France is the latest addition to this list of markets.

Tomas Bengtsson, CEO of ZYYX Labs: “The ZYYX was developed with reliability and safety in mind, with companies and schools as intended users. This type of customer requires first class support before and after buying a 3D printer, something that we consequently look for in any potential ZYYX reseller. We are therefore very happy to have made this partnership with Multistation, a company that has proven themselves over a number of years in this capacity.”

Multistation will resell the ZYYX line of 3D printers, along with all supporting materials and parts. They additionally will provide first line support for users.

Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation, has this to say about this new partnership:

“We are very happy and proud to be the Premium Reseller of the ZYYX line of 3D printers here in France.

The ZYYX Pro is an ideal 3D Printer for anyone who needs high quality and high-strength 3D prints but with ease of use with a large portfolio of materials including carbon fibers.

The automatic calibration makes it just so easy to print with, direct drive extrusion, print monitoring and filament monitoring, what more could you ask for at that price point.”

Press contact, ZYYX Labs AB
Tomas Bengtsson, CEO of ZYYX Labs
Email: , Phone: +46 702 171897

About ZYYX Pro 3D Printer

The ZYYX Pro is a Swedish Industrial Grade 3D printer developed to print with engineering materials and composites, such as carbon- and glass-fiber reinforced nylon. This allows professionals to rapidly produce customized, high-strength parts such as functional prototypes, tools, jigs and fixtures. Several innovative safety features and a competitive price point makes it readily available for every engineer and office desk, as a perfect tool for an agile mechanical development process. The ZYYX Pro was one of the first affordable printers to print with fiber reinforced composite filaments.

About ZYYX Labs

ZYYX Labs AB is a Swedish manufacturer of 3D printers and owner of the ZYYX brand of 3D printers. The company was founded in 2018.

The ZYYX Labs AB office is located next to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the premises of the Chalmers Innovation incubator.

About Multistation

Multistation is a digital and additive manufacturing provider with over 30 years’ experience in that industry. Founded in 1987, we supply 3D devices for fablabs and academic, non-metal and metal additive manufacturing as well as machine tools and industrial manufacturing.

We are the French  Distributor for a lot of well known 3D printer brands and now also the ZYYX Premium Reseller.

Whether you’re involved in engineering, education, product design, architecture or any other industry we have a 3D printer to suit your requirements.

We have a two state of the art demo centers based in Paris and Saclay, France, available for live product demonstrations.

Press contact, Multistation
Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation
Emeline Sicard, marketing, Phone: +33 2 99 16 35 35

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