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High-volume ceramic, metal and multi-material 3D printing for production and development

Admatec product 3D printed ceramics Admaprint_metals Admatec product 3D printed metal

Admatec provides additive manufacturing solutions for very requiring applications and markets in terms of parts quality and final rendering. Thanks to the revolutionary ADMAFLEX technology, Admatec offers its customers the possibility of shaping ceramics and metals from a single piece to large-scale production (small, medium and large series).

Admatec offers two DLP (Digital Light Processing) printing machines :

  • the Admaflex130
  • and the Admaflex300,

with respectively a small and a large printing volume. Thus, each need corresponds to an Admaflex printer.

The printing process of Admaflex machines consists of mixing metal or ceramic powders with a photosensitive resin. Once the part is designed and cut into thin thicknesses (30 to 50 microns) using CAD software and slicers, the printing process can begin: the material scrolls continuously along a film and is illuminated with an UV light, creating the part by successive stacking of layers.

Once the part has been printed, it must undergo post-treatment and be subject to a stage of debinding during which all the polymer materials are removed by heating, then a sintering stage during which the part is heated a second time and obtains its final mechanical properties.

The DLP technology of Admaflex machines makes it possible to print ceramics such as alumina, ziconia, silica or hydroxyapatite, which are particularly used in the medical field.
The metal printable by Admaflex machines are steel, inconel and copper.

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