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first manufacturer to use the coldspray technique

SPEE3D is an American manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines. It is the first manufacturer to use the coldspray technique, which is based on a process of cold spraying materials at supersonic speed. This coldspray technology is patented by SPEE3D and consists of spraying powder through a nozzle that accelerates the air up to three times the speed of sound. In this process, the particles bind together thanks to their own kinetic energy. Thus, they form parts with high density and classic metallurgical properties.

The materials used are powders. Theoretically, all metallic materials can be sprayed, and SPEE3D’s coldspray process is particularly suitable for aluminum and copper.

Parts produced by coldspray require post-printing steps. Indeed, they have to be machined (milling, turning…) because they are preforms produced quickly and cheaply, but with rather rough tolerances and surface finishes.

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The maximum parts size with a SPEE3D machine is Ø1m x 0,7m.

The advantages of this process

  • Its productivity: 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional additive manufacturing.
  • Its flexibility: manufacturing on demand, from a single piece to a series of 10,000 pieces.
  • Its moderate cost: costs similar to the foundry, cheap materials.
  • The characteristics of the parts: high density and low thermal stress.



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