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ADDITIV3X takes over MULTISTATION’s consulting and services in additive manufacturing



ADDITIV3X will bring together the needed skills to provide consulting and engineering services throughout the industrial additive manufacturing cycle.



To meet a strong demand of consulting in the field of additive manufacturing, Multistation SAS brings together its activities within a dedicated subsidiary company: ADDITIV3X. The objective is to separate the sales of new and second-hand machines from additive manufacturing consulting and services. ADDITIV3X pursues his partnership initialized with SEGULA TECHNOLOGIES.



Paris, May 2019 – Multistation, a leading player in the field of additive manufacturing, is going to bring together its activities of consulting and services in a subsidiary to help its customers to develop their industrial potential with 3D printing. ADDITIV3X will provide high-level services throughout the whole value chain of additive manufacturing, from the product-process qualification to the integration of the technologies in specific industrial environments, such as automotive, aerospace or the energy.

Multistation will transfer to ADDITIV3X its know-how in design and simulation for additive manufacturing, and its expertise in identification of use cases or parts that can be produced by 3D printing.

The market is asking us to separate our commercial activities in new and used machines from the consulting approach. We are indeed seeing an increasing demand from potential users of additive manufacturing that consulting us before moving to the investment phase. ADDITIV3X will be fully able to support its customers independently to make additive manufacturing an industrial reality. In the meanwhile, Multistation who is facing a great increase of the machines demand, is able to focus better on the development of its marketplace” commented Yannick Loisance, the CEO of Multistation.

ADDITIV3X with its mastery of the additive manufacturing value chain, stands as a partner of choice to solve the concerns of the manufacturers. We will be able to provide them with a wider range of quality engineering services during the period before the investment phase” added Romain Chaudron, Director of ADDITIV3X and ex manager at Multistation for the Additive Consulting business.

 “ADDITIV3X will independently offer to its clients the project management services throughout the whole value chain of additive manufacturing, in France and internationally.”

ADDITIV3X is a unique entry point to help future users in their projects of implementation and industrialization of additive manufacturing processes. His extensive expertise covers different processes of 3D printing, metal, non-metal and with a specific focus on the design capabilities in DFAM (Design For Additive Manufacturing) and quality control.

ADDITIV3X will rely not only on the ability of the additive consulting staff from Multistation, but also on its international partners with experience in management of additive projects in this or that sector. Particularly, the partnership established last year between SEGULA Technologies and Multistation will be pursued by ADDITIV3X. Other agreements are under negotiation and are going to be released soon.



Located in Paris, Dinard, Saclay and very soon in China, Multistation is an integrator since 1987 of comprehensive digital manufacturing and additive solutions dedicated to companies in the automotive, aerospace, railway, energy, medical, outsourcing, education, jewelry, dental sectors… Multistation relies on a network of partners of excellence that brings together the best global innovators in the field of machines and quality control … By the sale of its additive consulting business, Multistation intends to focus on new practices of additive investment.


ADDITIV3X is a newly founded company who takes over the activities of Additive Consulting department of Multistation in order to meet an increased demand for industrial support. The capital of this company is owned by Yannick Loisance and Multistation.



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