Press Release : Multistation proposes a high precision Fever Detection System


PRESS RELEASE – 21st May 2020

Multistation is now an authorised distributor of FeverTIR, a thermal camera developed by VISIONTIR, a Spanish  manufacturer of multispectral vision systems.

FeverTIR is a new “plug&play” solution for fever detection, based on a high-precision thermal imaging cameras (+/- 0.3ºC) to measure, without contact, quickly and accurately, the corporal temperature of humans. This system is particularly useful in the new world post-COVID19.

Its speed of data capture, high precision and resolution, makes it ideal for installation at the entrance of hospitals, work centers, industrial centers, logistics centers, shopping centers, construction sites, hotels, companies that continue to operate, banks, etc. In any establishment with an influx of people and potential risk of contagion.

FeverTIR is already installed at several laboratories and work centers. “We are very excited to contribute to the prevention of the expansion of COVID 19 through this simple and reliable system. It is also easy to use and install”, says Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation. Manufactured in Spain, FeverTIR complies with the UNE IEC 80601-2-59: 2019 standard for non-contact temperature measurement using thermographic devices. Multistation has gathered significant expertise in the field of scanners, particularly 3D scanners.”

Alejandro Torres Molina, the International Business Development Manager, confirms:” We are enthusiastic to have Multistation as our reseller in France to extend our network. Their expertise and capacity to install and maintain our new  FeverTIR system as well as, their demo center in Paris, will help us to rapidly develop our installation reach in France”.


About Vision TIR

VisionTIR is an international manufacturer of multispectral thermography systems for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, process monitoring, quality control and early fire detection for industries such as cement, steel, chemicals and power plants. With more than 20 years experience in the design of vision systems, the team of VisionTIR bring to the market some of the most advanced and market competitive technology. VisionTIR is certified with the ISO 9001 Quality Certification for the Design, Development and Integration of Multispectral Vision Systems. Vision TIR is based in Spain, with offices in Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona accompanied by an international network of experienced distributors. For further details

About Multistation

Based in Paris and Dinard, since 1987, Multistation has been an integrator of digital and additive manufacturing solutions for businesses in a wide range of sectors including the automotive, aeronautical, railway, energy, medical, sub-contracting, education, jewellery and dental sectors. Multistation draws on a network of outstanding partners that includes the world’s best innovators in a range of fields including software, materials, machines and quality control.

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