Press Release: SBI cooperates with Multistation to deliver Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing Systems





Paris, Dinard, France, may 5th

SBI and Multistation announce today an exclusive partnership to deliver Plasma Arc Metal Additive Manufacturing in the French market

SBI GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer of high-tech additive manufacturing systems using PAAM – Plasma Arc Metal Additive Manufacturing technology. Intended to produce large volume parts, the PAAM system allows rapid production of near net shape metal components.

The product – the M3DP

With its modular & compact design and its broad application range, the M3DP is the perfect  solution for plasma arc  metal additive manufacturing for industries like aerospace, oil & gas, marine & shipbuilding, tool making, general service & maintenance applications. It is capable to achieve high deposition rates, which benefits the efficient manufacturing even of big parts. Its optional gastight working chamber offers the possibility to process also sensitive materials like Titanium and Nickel-base alloys.

 “ We are very happy that we can introduce our new M3DP product range to the French market, which is particularly dedicated for Additive Manufacturing in aerospace applications. The experience of Multistation in the field of additive manufacturing will support the introduction of our M3DP product range into the French industry” said Dr Martin Peruzzi , CEO of SBI

 “ With the M3DP line of SBI , we complete our offer of metal additive manufacturing processes with a very powerful process, complementary to  our different  offerings in laser or electron beam bed melting, supersonic  or binder jetting  and DED (  WAAM, laser wire, LMD…). Having SBI as our partner we can now offer a complete portfolio of solutions  along the  value chain of  metal additive manufacturing”  said Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation.


About Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing & how it works

PAAM is a high-performance AM-process in terms of deposition rate, build volume and economic issues. Its focus is to print large, massive metallic parts for structural applications.
A plasma torch creates a weld pool, by adding metallic feedstock (wire &/or powder) a local deposition is achieved. By moving the plasma torch and the feedstock along an arbitrary path a layer is printed. Superposition of multiple layers generates a 3-dimensional object. Thus, PAAM is a so called “near net shape” process, the printed object has to be machined to get its final shape

About SBI:

SBI, looking back into 20 years of experience,  is continuously developing its plasma welding technologies and metal welding solutions at its highest level. From automated solutions for cladding & hard-facing technologies to repair welding of forging dies, or plasma welding automations for maintenance of aircraft turbine components, SBI established worldwide well-known references in the field of plasma welding.

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About Multistation

Based in Paris and Dinard Multistation has since 1987 been an integrator of complete digital and additive manufacturing solutions for businesses in a wide range of sectors including the automotive, aeronautical, railway, energy, medical, sub-contracting, education, jewelry and dental sectors. Multistation draws on a network of outstanding partners that includes the world’s best innovators in a range of fields including software, materials, machines and quality control. ADDITIV3X, it Additive Consulting division meets customers’ increasingly high expectations for quality of support in the disruptive world of additive manufacturing.

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