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3D printing has broad appeal to a wide range of businesses and the technology is already used in various industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, railways, defense, shipyard, education, microfactories…

But 60% of organizations said that start-up costs are delaying investment in 3D printers (*). Meanwhile, 27% of CEOs think that 3D Printing is strategically important for their organizations (**).

Multistation Second Life offers an alternative to these organizations, willing to implement 3D printing while controlling the costs of such move.

Multistation second life has established a marketplace on its website  for international purchase and resale of second-hand rapid prototyping machines, plastic and metal additive manufacturing equipment as well as high performance machine-tools.

In 2011, Multistation opened the Proto3Dshop (Paris), a rapid prototyping demonstration center with new and second hand low-tech solutions including a wide range of 3D printers and manufacturing machines for all types of audiences (laser or water jet cutting, milling, thermoforming…) towards coworkers and makers, as well as suppliers of innovation. Most of these machines can be bought online through the e-proto3Dshop.

In 2014, Multistation opened a progressive design & additive manufacturing center where our engineers are well aware of the paradigm shift brought by additive manufacturing, permanently looking for new potential mature suppliers, provide best solutions to various industries in term of progressive design (topologic optimization, lattice engineering simulation tools…), additive manufacturing systems, control/ inspection systems…

Are you looking for a solution (machine tool, machine for railways maintenance, composites applications, power generation, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, rapid casting, 3D scanners devices, medical imaging, special machine…)?

  • Contact Multistation Second Life with your detailed specifications. We will review your needs and offer you the best solution accordingly.

Are you willing to sell you equipment and convert your assets?

  • Contact Multistation Second Life for the expertise, valuation and sale of your equipment

More information: Anne Laure Vincent, or follow us @MultistationSAS, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

(*) source: Gartner, December 2014, (**) source PWc, 2015

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