Meet us at EUROBOIS  | booth 5E42 | February 06-09 | Lyon, France

Private RP demo Proto3DShow, on 30th and 31st march 2016


First Private show dedicated to FabLabs equipment and businesses, to allow to discover this technology and to exchange with passionate and seasoned team to concretely discuss the benefits, new possibilities but also the limits around the world of 3D.

Multistation want to give you the main keys to understanding the new industrial revolution by providing, in one place, four major processes of rapid prototyping: FDM, the DLP, lost wax and 3D scanning.

Increasingly at the forefront of 3D technology, we will present the latest innovations of our main partners.

Proto3DShop – 14 Rue de l’Armorique, 75015 Paris, France

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