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Metal powders

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AMPRO Innovations – VC40 : Bulk Powder Removal for Additive Manufacturing

This equipment makes it possible to simply aspirate and recover the surplus metallic powder resulting from an additive SLM manufacture.
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AMPRO Innovations – SU40 : Powder Sieving for Additive Manufacturing

Powder sieving equipment designed for metal powder used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – PS20 / PS60 : Silo Storage for Metal Powders

Ergonomically optimised powder tank for powder processing throughout the metal additive manufacturing chain.
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AMPRO Innovations – PD10 : Powder Drying for Additive Manufacturing

This module allows to dry the powder to be used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – DU40 : Powder Decanting for Additive Manufacturing

This system allows a safe transfer of the powder from the transport packaging to the machine tank or any other...
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AMPRO Innovations – A1 : powder removal system

The AMPRO A1 is a simple, fast and efficient solution for all parts and manufacturing plates up to 400 ×...
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AMPRO Innovations – G2 : powder removal system

Residual powder retrieval globe box
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Control laboratory of metal powder

Multistation delivers complete control laboratory of metal powder. One of the key of the success in metal additive manufacturing is...
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Metal powders dedicated to metal additive manufacturing

Multistation is offering, available from stock, different types of metal powders dedicated to the various metal additive manufacturing processes.
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