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Metal powders

Metal powders dedicated to metal additive manufacturing

Manufacturer : MULTISTATION SAs
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Railway, Industry, Luxury, Medical

Multistation is offering, available from stock, different types of metal powders dedicated to the various metal additive manufacturing processes.

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Multistation offers the following powders:

– Aluminum alloys: AlSi10Mg, AlSi12, AlSi7Mg 0,6, AlSi9Cu3

– Titanium alloys: Ti6A14V, Ti6Al7Nb,

– Nickel-based alloys: Inconel 625, 718, 939…

– Steel: 316L, 15-5HP, 17-4PH, 1.2709

– Cobalt chrom : CoCr (1,3 & 2,3),


The expertise of Multistation in additive manufacturing make the customers understand physical and thermal phenomenon relied to the process (interaction between laser and material, solidification, cooling..)


What is the manufacturing method of MAM powders?

– Gas atomization (Argon, Nitrogen)
– Plasma atomization
– Rotating electrode atomization

Why choose a spherical powder for powder bed processes?

– Increase particle density
– Expand packed density and compactness of the powder bed
– Improve the capacity of powder flow


How to characterize the powder’s microstructure?

– Observing the morphology with a Scanning Electron Microscope
– Checking the chemical composition: elemental analysis (EDS, X-ray fluorescence), ICP
– Identifying the size distribution: screening, laser granulometer
– Flow capacity: Hall Flowmeter, FreemanFT4



The company MULTISTATION SAs specializes for 10 years in the integration of solutions in rapid prototyping and 3D scanning. More than one hundred systems were delivered in applications as diverse as: Education (ENS Cachan, Ecole Centrale, universities, technical colleges, ... IUT) Automotive: Renault Technocentre, PSA, Faurecia, Johnson Controls ... service…

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