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ADMATEC – 450-CD-400 furnace

Manufacturer : Admatec
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Industry, Jewelry, Fablabs, Medical, Railway

After 3D printing your ceramic parts with Admaflex 130 or 300, they are in the green stage. The debinding oven will remove the supporting polymers inside your products.

This oven has the advantage of being easy to load with a good seal.

Reference : ADMATEC450CD400furnace
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Admatec 450-CD-400 furnace

This furnace handles both debinding and sintering steps with only one machine, taking up less space in your working environment and saving time. Due to its large inner volume it is ideal for production of ceramic printing applications. The furnace has a chamber that can be moved through a mechanical system, enabling easy loading. With heating elements installed in four lateral walls, there is excellent temperature uniformity.


  • Maximum operating temperature: 1200°C (oxidizing atmosphere)
  • Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 400 mm
  • Heating elements: Kanthal A1 Super
  • Insulation: Rigid Ceramic Fibre Boards
  • Temperature control: Eurotherm EPC 3008 with 10 different program possibilities
  • Power control: Solid state for power control
  • Power : 16,5 kW
  • Power supply : 400V 50 Hz (3P+N+PE)



A Ceramic and Metal additive manufacturing solution. Admatec is dedicated to provide additive manufacturing solutions for high demanding applications and markets. With the revolutionary ADMAFLEX technology, Admatec offers customers the ability to shape ceramics and metals from single piece to large scale productions. The ADMAFLEX process delivers strong performing materials…

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