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Manufacturer : MULTISTATION SAs
Sectors : Industry, Fablabs, Education

Vacuum casting machine tyep CSV500 with programmable unit control

Reference : CSV500-1
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The CSV500 vacuum casting system is designed for location on a work bench and consists of a high specification fabricated and machined unit consisting of a single chamber. The upper part of the chamber contains the mixing robots. The lower part of the chamber is the area for mold location. A single glass fronted door enables access to both working areas of the machine. A vacuum seal is formed between the door and the framework by means of locking a polymer seal between the mating surfaces of the door and the framework. A single locking door handle ensures correct location

The CSV500 is a manual machine. The introduction of the resin in the machine is manually made. The speed of mixing is adjustable manually. This allows the operator to check the current work.


The main functions realized under vacuum casting process:


–       Degassing of the silicone during the preparation of the mold

–       Degassing of the resin and the hardener

–       Mixture of both components

–       Flowed into  the mold settled in the bottom of the vacuum chamber and allowing an excellent reproduction of details


 The main advantages:


–      Rational construction

–      High productivity

–      Easy implementation and use

–      Easy and little expensive maintenance

–      Quasi-non-existent maintenance

–      Ajustable space

–      Vacuum pump

–      Machine intended for the small series

  • Vacuum pump power (V) : 40m3/h
  • Maximal depression (P) : <0.5 mbar
  • Machine dimensions : 920 x P750 x H910 mm
  • Weight : 430 kg
  • Chamber size: L500 x P635 x H800 mm
  • Max mold size: L500 x P635 x H500 mm
  • Casting capacity : 600 ml
  • Bol A capacity : 600 ml
  • Bol B capacity : 1000 ml



The company MULTISTATION SAs specializes for 10 years in the integration of solutions in rapid prototyping and 3D scanning. More than one hundred systems were delivered in applications as diverse as: Education (ENS Cachan, Ecole Centrale, universities, technical colleges, ... IUT) Automotive: Renault Technocentre, PSA, Faurecia, Johnson Controls ... service…

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