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EASTMAN – Eagle C125 : Conveyor Cutting System

Manufacturer : EASTMAN
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry, Medical

The Eagle™ C125 conveyor system has supreme capabilities for single- to low-ply cutting requirements. It has the ability to continuously convey rolled material goods with consistent speed and control.

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Eastman’s gantry and tool-head design are engineered to cut the most diverse technical and industrial fabrics available, while exceeding industry standards for accuracy.

The robust conveyor design delivers unrivaled levels of material utilization and is often capable of cutting multiple layers without plastic overlay. This computer-controlled cutting system requires minimal operator guidance to automatically feed and spread material to the identified start position. Smooth and accurate cutting of long markers is accomplished with the support of a powerful, yet quiet and self-contained vacuum system.

The Eagle C125 may be configured in various widths (from 1.98 to 3.96m) and lengths (from 3.66 to 10.97m) to match customer requirements. A range of tool head accessory options is offered: choice of standard, heavy-duty or fiber tool head, featuring individually aligned and calibrated tool spindles with your choice of over 60 blades, punches and notches.


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EASTMAN company, with more than a century experience in the field of fabrics cutting, offers a wide range of cutting system, completed with cutting software, raw materials handling and storage systems. https://www.eastmancuts.com/ EASTMAN product range gather Manuel cutting system Operator can use EASTMAN système to manually cut his parts Automated…

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