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FABLAB ephemeral

Manufacturer : MULTISTATION SAs
Sectors : Education, Fablabs

An ephemeral FABLAB is a place open to various public so they can share a moment of experiment and discovery of different tools.

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Discovery and exchange are the key words of our ephemeral FABLAB !


A FABLAB is a place open to the public where are provided tools, in particular machine tools piloted by computer, for the design and the realization of parts. The main characteristic of the FABLABS is their “opening”. They address the entrepreneurs, the designers, the artists, the handymen, the students who want to create, to finalize, to spread a concept. They group various public, age brackets and different jobs and also establish a space of meeting and collaborative creation which allows to make unique parts : decorative objects, objects of replacement, prostheses, orthoses, tools, but also to transform or repair objects of current life.

What does it include ?

  • Pre-study of machines required,
  • Equipment rental with limited period,
  • Delivery and installation of all machines,
  • Training on site,
  • and provision of a techniciann.

What can contain your ephemeral FABLAB ?

  • DLP CUBICON Lux 3D printer
  • FDM CUBICON Style 3D printer
  • RAISE 3D pro2 3D printer
  • Formlabs Form2 3D printer
  • Kodak Compact 3D printer
  • Smartbench Yeti Tool Compact Milling Machine
  • Laser cut 640
  • HP Pro S3 3D scanner
  • 1 bundle of consumable for each machine

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The company MULTISTATION SAs specializes for 10 years in the integration of solutions in rapid prototyping and 3D scanning. More than one hundred systems were delivered in applications as diverse as: Education (ENS Cachan, Ecole Centrale, universities, technical colleges, ... IUT) Automotive: Renault Technocentre, PSA, Faurecia, Johnson Controls ... service…

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