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FLASHFORGE – Wax Jet 400

Manufacturer : FLASHFORGE
Sectors : Industry, Jewelry

WaxJet 400 adopts mutiJet printing technology for printing smooth surface, high precision casting wax pattern.

Reference : FLASHFORGEWaxJet400
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Large print size and can be tiled and overlapped to place multiple models, the thickness of each layer is 0.016mm. It is suitable for jewelry, clocks instruments, crafts, precision casting and aerospace precision investment casting field.

The WaxJet 400 provides :

  1. Customized and quick production of small batch orders.
  2. Produce styles which traditional craft cannot achieve.
  3. Save the cost of plate making and revision, reduce reliance on manual revision.
  4. Standardized process and save labor cost.
  5. Anti-leak style, release designers creative.

The waxjet 400 offers 3 printing heads to cover the entire build plateform. The printing time is greatly improved since the parts are printed simultaneously whatever the surface of the build area used.

Product specifications

  • Technology: MJP
  • Build plateform : 289x218x150mm
  • Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.04mm/20mm
  • Slicing software: WaxJetPrint
  • Data support format: stl/slc

Material specifications

  • Structural material (purple): FFWJ1100
  • Support material (white): FFMS3100

Flashforge WaxJet400


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