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GEMVISION – 3D Software MatrixGold

Manufacturer : GEMVISION
Sectors : Jewelry

Discover the best 3D software solutions to design, produce and sell your jewelry.

MatrixGold offers you more power, a curated set of tools, intuitive workflow, and enhanced productivity.

Reference : GEMVISIONmatrixGold
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The most complete 3D CAD tool for smart designers

MatrixGold adds value to your jewelry designs at every click.


Create your 3D jewelry designs with high precision and exact measurements using our dynamic jewelry builders.


Boost productivity, and be more efficient working with MatrixGold’s Parametric Engine. Modify your design at any stage without losing the model’s history.


Create your workspace customizing the interface at your convenience, and build your own parametric custom tools to work at your leisure.


Create as many designs variations as you want from a single model using MatrixGold’s Dynamic Commands. Work smart, not harder!

Advanced Rendering Engine

Our Render Studio contains a wide range of tools and features that allows you to achieve photo-realistic images or create a sequence of individual frames using 3D animation.


Get your designs ready for printing and casting estimating the right price with just a few clicks. MatrixGold includes gems mapping, material list, tech report and option to create your own materials.

GEMVISION MatrixGold® 3

MatrixGold® 3

Gems Placer

This tool improves the way to place stones on any surface, mesh, and polysurface. With keyboard shortcuts, you can scale, rotate, move on z, and select symmetry. Also, new functionality allows you to avoid overlapping gems.

Custom Gem Builder

With the Custom Gem Builder, you can create a gem from any closed curve you have in the document. The user controls the facets, table height, crown height, crown angle, girdle thickness, pavillion amount, and culet depth.

Pull To Rail

This tool allows you to flex an object, such as a bezel or head to the ring rail.

MSR Gems

This tool allows you to transform a gem using viewport control handles to move, scale, and rotate. It can also modify multiple gems simultaneously. Each gem moves according to the direction it’s facing.

MSR Objects

This tool allows you to transform an object using viewport control handles to move, scale and rotate. It also can modify multiple objects simultaneously. Each object moves according to the direction it is facing.

Advanced Signet Ring

This tool allows you to choose between an automatic mode or manual mode. The automatic mode allows you to design a signet ring in just a few clicks, while in the manual mode, the user will have the option to edit the profiles curves from the Profile Editor.

Proxy Gem

This tool allows you to edit many gems using a single base gem as a control.



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Advanced technology tools for the creation of jewelry Discover the best 3D software solutions to design, produce and sell your jewelry. Design and sell your own jewelry models has never been that easy. Make the most of your time With facilities in the United States and a global network of…

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