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Heat and Vacuum Applicators (HVA)

Manufacturer : LT MACHINERY
Sectors : Aerospace

Flexible and available in automated version, the HVA machine used to apply decorative engineered laminates a system of infrared heating or vacuum.

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Used by contractors and maintenance workshops, the HVA machine is equipped with a very efficient infrared heating system. It softens the laminated before shaping and a suction system is used to apply decorative engineered laminates on the surface of the panel. The machine is used to apply laminates decorative interior panels of aircraft such as walls, partitions and seating shells. The equipment is also used in rail applications. The vacuum is used to apply layers laminates such as car roofs and dashboards of automobiles or trucks. The range includes two machines: the HVA 3 and HVA 4. The first is universal equipment, while the second provides the automatic manufacture of larger parts. The company offers a range of universal tools and all machines are installed by its specialized engineers. Comprehensive training of the functioning of the machine and its maintenance is performed on site by Laminating Technology teams.


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