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INGERSOLL – MasterPrint® Linear

Manufacturer : Ingersoll
Sectors : Industry, Aerospace, Railway, Automotive, Defense

Masterprint is INGERSOLL industry-leading solution for additive manufacturing of complex geometry, durables, wide and high thermoplastic parts.

MasterPrint® Linear is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ light version of its MasterPrint® technology conceived to ease the adoption of extra-largeformat additive manufacturing for complex-geometry, durable, thermoplastic components.

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MasterPrint® Linear

MasterPrint® Linear is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ newborn in the MasterPrint® family that eases your company’s adoption of large-volume additive manufacturing technology.

With its innovative lean positioner, MasterPrint® Linear, while preserving all of the core features of MasterPrint® 3X (large volume, print at any angle, Siemens CNC), offers a smaller footprint and requires lighter foundations, lessening the risks and the investment for your organization.

MasterPrint® Linear provides your company with the ability to:

  • print at an angle
  • print at a variable angle extra-large composite parts in a single piece.

MasterPrint® Linear is aimed both at the fast prototyping and durable molds needs of space, aerospace and naval sectors, but can also serve a wider market, when printing cost-effectively, quickly, reliable wide-and-high parts is a requirement.

The MasterPrint® family of products has disrupted and transformed the traditional way to procure and manufacture extra-large tools by:

  • shortening the lead time from months to weeks
  • reducing manufacturing cost by 90% (no cutting, welding, stress relieving, minimal milling and assembly)
  • fast-prototyping provisional tools for short programs and pre-production runs
  • overprinting, re-milling, improving, re-using existing 3D-printed tools
  • choosing and 3D-printing the polymers most suitable for your application


  • Siemens 840D and Sinumerik One CNCs
  • Ingersoll proprietary software for programming, simulation, optimization and diagnostic
  • Milling system (optional)
  • Vacuum table (optional)
  • Working volume starts at : X 6 m – Y 2.2 m – Z 1.4 m
  • Throughput : 150 lbs./hr. nominal
  • Materials : PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, PPSU, PEI…+CF, GF, WF (the system is open to your own materials)
  • Barrel/Screw Size : 30mm Diameter, L/D = 24 (~720mm Length)
  • Heat Zones :  barrel zones, nozzle band (multiple for angled nozzles) heating to 500°C (PEI, PPSU, PESU capable)
  • Restart Assist Heater : Auto-indexing motorized heater
  • Manual Indexing Nozzle : 0° – 90°
  • Material Ready Hopper : 600 lbs. capacity raw material
  • Dryer and Handling System : 150 lbs./hr. capacity prepared material
  • Capable of Delivering : 150 lbs./hr. prepared material


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