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KLM Microlaser – KLM-E1

Manufacturer : KLM Microlaser GmbH
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry, Jewelry, Medical

The KLM-E1 is a 3-axis laser micro-milling system using a femtosecond laser source, making it suitable for the most difficult to machine materials. The machine is based on a proven high-precision KERN motion platform and state-of-the-art laser micro-machining control software. The system is designed for accurate laser micro-milling of small workpieces. In contrast to conventional milling machines the KLM-E1 has a low energy consumption, uses no oil or other liquids, requires no chip removal, and has a low noise emission level, making it a sustainable production system.

Reference : KLMmicrolaserKLMe1
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3-axis ultrashort pulse laser micro-milling system

The KLM-E1 is a 3-axis femtosecond laser micro-milling system based on a proven high-precision KERN motion platform and state-of-the-art laser micro-machining control software. The system is designed for accurate laser micro-milling of small workpieces.

Application areas include for example :

  • tool production: carbide insert press tools
  • coin production: embossing tools for coins
  • watch industry: high precision forming tools and
    individualized parts

Feature Highlights


Automatic spot position and power measurements on the work table are used to automatically keep the machine in calibration and compensate for any drifts in the spot position or the laser power of the machine. This guarantees accuracy as well as stable and reproducible results on the long term.

Adaptive machining

The machined depth is measured during machining and deviations are compensated automatically. This significantly reduces the depth error in laser micro-milling, especially of deeper structures.

Laser process

A laser process was specifically developed for machining cemented tungsten carbide insert press tools. It is both fast and precise – effective material removal rates of 1 mm³/min or higher can be achieved with a form accuracy better than ±10 µm and a low surface roughness. The ultrashort pulse laser process has a very small heat-affected zone with no significant sub-surface damage, which increases the tool life.

Machining of a typical insert press tool takes less than 2 hours, which results in a reduction of production costs by about 35% in comparison to EDM machining.



  • Femtoseond pulsed industrial laser
  • 350 fs to 10 ps pulse width
  • 1030 nm wavelength
  • High repetition frequency (up to 40 MHz)

Scan system and optical configuration

  • Dynamic and high accuracy scan system
  • 50 × 50 mm scan field
  • 30 µm spot diameter


  • Based on KERN Evo CNC machining center
  • High precision 3-axis motion platform
  • Integrated workholding system

ASPM system

  • Integrated power calibration system measures the laser power and system transmission to ensure process repeatability
  • Automated scan field calibration system measures and compensates distortion and drift

Adaptive machining

  • Optical distance sensor measures real depth during machining
  • Automatic correction of depth deviations Automation
  • Options for external workpiece changer


  • Custom control software specifically designed for laser micro-machining
  • Easy to use task oriented HMI
  • Micro-milling CAM software

Exhaust system

  • Integrated local fume extraction system

Dimensions and weight

  • Weight : 3,200 kg
  • Machine dimensions (W×D×H): 1.5 m × 1.5 m × 2.2 m



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KLM Microlaser GmbH

Laser micromachining for high quality, cost effective and sustainable production The new company KLM Microlaser was founded in 2019 resulting from a collaborative project between Kern Microtechnik GmbH and Lightmotif B.V. and has the goal to introduce a new generation of laser micromachining systems for industrial production. KERN Microtechnik, located in Eschenlohe Germany, builds high precision CNC…

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