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Cutting machine JET WATER FREEBEAM

Manufacturer : MULTISTATION SA
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Fablabs, Industry

Machine suitable for cutting any material (except tempered glass), capacity depends on the pump power, pump 15CV can cut with a good quality finish of aluminum / steel plates up to 40 mm thick

Reference : 3daf443ebe00
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Basic 1000/1000 mm useful pump 15 hp (recommended power for Education)
• Accuracy + / – 70 microns
• Distance between head 200 mm
• Cooling water lost (air or oil)
• Variable abrasive dispenser
• Head diamond abrasive
• Head sapphire pure water
• Z-axis servo
• Hopper abrasive duo (80 mesh and 120 mesh) 25 kg unit (special education in order to change abrasive “on the fly)
• Connectable network (file transmission and cutter internet
• Compatible extractor abrasive
• Integrated Filtration compatible with a maximum operating hours 2 days
• Reuse of water cutting
• Mobile Controller with touch screen
• Delivered ready to run (tested)



La société MULTISTATION SA est spécialisée depuis 20  ans dans l’intégration de solutions complètes en prototypage rapide et en numérisation 3D. Plusieurs centaines de systèmes ont été livrés dans des applications aussi différentes que : Education (ENS Cachan, Ecole Centrale, Universités, lycées techniques, IUT…) Industrie Automobile : Renault Technocentre, PSA, Faurecia, Johnson Controls……

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