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MELTIO – Engine Robot

Manufacturer : MELTIO
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Industry, Jewelry

Meltio ENGINE Robot is a sophisticated and powerful device that allows 3D printing of dense metal parts with robot arms thus increasing the maximum print volume. This print volume is thus limited to the size of the robot. Integrating Meltio into such a system is an affordable and efficient solution for printing large metal parts.

The process allows parts to be printed from wire and powder in the same system, using patented multilaser technology. The system is able to automatically use wire, metal powder, or both simultaneously without changing the nozzle.

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Meltio ENGINE Robot is a sophisticated and powerful device that allows 3D printing of dense metal parts with robots. The motor enables the printing of parts from wire using patented multilaser technology.


Meltio ENGINE can produce complex metal components from wire. The ability to produce parts from wire makes the operation and handling of materials very safe, and helps ensure total efficiency in the use of materials.


The specially designed deposition nozzle facilitates optimized injection of argon onto the weld pool, dramatically reducing oxidation. MELTIO ENGINE not only enables 3D printing of dense metal parts, but also an all-in-one additive manufacturing solution for part repair, laser coating, laser welding, laser cutting, laser texturing and polishing.


MELTIO ENGINE is equipped with a powerful on-board computer with 17 “touchscreen and a feature-rich graphical interface. It is equipped with state-of-the-art customizable software to facilitate model cutting and access to process parameters MELTIO ENGINE can also be controlled via a tablet or computer via a local wireless network or via an Ethernet connection.


  • Stainless steel : excellent mechanical and corrosion resistance.
  • Mild Steel : Affordable, this duxtile material is easy to machine and weld.
  • Carbon steel : high impact resistance and hardness maintained at high temperature.
  • Titanium : very good weight / mechanical resistance ratio and corrosion resistant.
  • Inconel : polyalent, very resistant to heat and corrosion.
  • Copper : under development


  • Filament Preheat : Preheats the programmable wire feed to increase the deposition rate.
  • Double Filament : Allows you to print two filaments sequentially during the same print with quick thread change.
  • External spool storage : used to supply the machine with wire from an external source. Larger coils can then be used.


MELTIO – Engine Robot

Technical data

  • Dimensions of the integration module : 550 x 550 x 1200 mm
  • Head dimension (diameter * height) : 150 ø * 265 mm
  • Printing volume : depends only on the working dimensions of the machine to which it is coupled
  • Weight : 90 kg (module) / 16kg (head)
  • Laser power : 0.6 to 1.2 kW
  • Number of lasers : 3 to 6
  • Laser type : semiconductor diode with wavelength 976 nm
  • Power wire : wire 0.8 to 1.2 mm in diameter
  • Wire feed : up to 2 K200 spools / optional wire drum configuration
  • Gas supply : Argon or Nitrogen
  • Input power : 230 V single phase / 400 V three phase
  • Water cooled
  • Process control : Closed loop modulation, laser, wire
  • Interface : USB, Ethernet, wireless data link


Meltio has its own range of wire materials while maintaining open material platform options to emphasise the importance of materials as a key factor in the 3D printing user experience.

The Meltio Materials range consists of materials that are extensively tested under controlled conditions with validated part properties and optimised print parameters ready for use.

  • Meltio Stainless Steel : 17-4PH, 316L, 308L
  • Meltio Tool Steel: H11
  • Meltio Mild Steel ER70S
  • Meltio Titanium 64
  • Meltio Nickel: 625, 718
  • Meltio Invar


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Incorporated June 2019 through the joint-venture of a Spanish 3D printer and scanning equipment manufacturer, SICNOVA, and Las Vegas-based Additec , a company, devised to solve the barriers to manufacturing large metal components. MELTIO offers the ability to print using metal wire and metal powder independently or simultaneously without a…

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