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Manufacturer : METROM
Sectors : Automotive, Industry

Mobile 5-axis-machine tool

Reference : METROM-PM1000
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Modular machining center

  • machine can be set-up easily without foundation works at any place
  • can be changed to another kind of setup (vertical < – >horizontal) with minimum effort
  • machine accuracy is not influenced by the transport as the calibration is done always at the place of erection
  • machine structure can be modified according to customer needs (open, closed, additional modules…)

Installation on site

  • The ground or workpiece itself can be used as machine foundation
  • The frame is fixed stiff at three points with this foundation
  • no higher accuracy requirements according this three points

Local and global accuracy

  • There needs to be a reference according the part to allow for processing
  • Sample application : middle axis of the parts is identified, the part is turned within a fixture from one position to the next, for rotational symmetrical parts (e.g. processing of rotors)
  • 3D- position marker will be used for parts with large areas (global accuracy)
  • Correlation between the machine and workpiece is done with a measuring sensor according this markers
  • Either a positioning system or crane is used for moving the machine to the next working envelope or the workpiece is moved always depending on the easier solution

Applications mobile machine

Wind energy

Processing of rotor hub areas, repair of cast iron surfaces.

Processing of vessels

Complete flange fabrication for pressure vessels and reactors:

  • sealing surfaces and grooves
  • tapped holes, angular drillings
  • concave and convex surfaces
  • free formed surfaces

Processing for pipe systems

  • Processing of duplex steel (chemical and seawater corrosion resistant) for on- and offshore application
  • Weld joint preparation

Automotive industry

  • Processing of steel molds for the tryout-machining of tools directly on site where the forming press is standing
  • Repair of worn out tools including premachining, repair welding and final machining in one machine setup






Multistation is now selling machines from the german manufacturer METROM offering multi-optional and mobile machining systems based on parallel kinematics. The german manufacturer whose factory is located near Chemnitz is building machines fitted with 5 axis parallel kinematics for more than eighteen years. More than fifty multi-optional machines are used…

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