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MIKROMAT – G-SERIES : Rotational form and thread grinding machine

Manufacturer : Mikromat
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry, Railway

The MIKROMAT grinding machines are well-known to produce high quality work pieces and for their performance and comfort of use. They can be used efficiently for intensive and finishing grinding of various work piece geometries, with high effectiveness and the highest level of precision.

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Rotational form and thread grinding machine

The specific MIKROMAT software enables the user to combine their special grinding skills with the company‘s know-how. The 6 axes managed by the CNC grinder allow designing highly complex shape elements.

Optimal dressing of grinding tools is provided for all grinding jobs: NC dresser, dressing unit with diamond wheel, steel pressure roller and conventional dressers. There is no need to plan preliminary machining of contours of any kind using other machining processes. The machine allows automatic and complete grinding of work pieces.

A modern, thermally-controlled, high-capacity coolant system creates the preconditions required for highly productive and intensive grinding with constant accuracy.
These grinders are very modular and particularly suitable for external grinding operations for highly-precise small and medium series.
The MIKROMAT machines, with additional equipment, can perform operations such as internal grinding, relief grinding, axially-parallel grinding, pitch- and diameter progressive grinding…
The integrated automated systems for loading and unloading work pieces allow efficient and highly-precise machining of medium and large series.

Thread grinding requires experience and mechanical knowledge. However, programming skills are not necessary, since drawing specification are entered directly.




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Mikromat is a German company which manufactures machining centers, grinders and milling machines. Products Mikromat (machining centers or manufacturing unit) are designed to meet all requirements even more accurate for machining parts. MIKROMAT performance guarantee Utmost accuracy in processing of your workpieces, realized by MIKROMAT precision machinery, as well as…

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