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MIKROMAT – JIG – Precision Portals 40V-40VF : Precision portals machining centers for very large parts

Manufacturer : Mikromat
Sectors : Industry, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense

The MIKROMAT 40V, 40VF allow complete machining of very large workpiece with complex shapes.

Reference : MIKROMAT-JIG-PrecisionPortals40V40VF
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Precision portals machining centers for very large parts

JIG – Precision Portals 40V-40VF

The MIKROMAT 40V, 40VF was developed to answer a challenging need: reach the same precision as previous, smaller portals machining centers for large work pieces. Equipped with

2 tables which can be used alternately or simultaneously, these machines will allow machining of very large and complex part with an excellent precision.


  • Double table machine to reduce processing times. The MIKROMAT machines allow machining of extremely large parts (up to 17m).
  • The compact design of the Z carriage can travel 2000mm, and can be equipped with either a gear-driven or motor spindle.
  • More possibilities for machining unusual parts thanks to the head and spindle exchange systems.

MIKROMAT - JIG - Precision Portals 40V-40VF


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Mikromat is a German company which manufactures machining centers, grinders and milling machines. Products Mikromat (machining centers or manufacturing unit) are designed to meet all requirements even more accurate for machining parts. MIKROMAT performance guarantee Utmost accuracy in processing of your workpieces, realized by MIKROMAT precision machinery, as well as…

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