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Metal Additive Manufacturing

MultiDental MultiEdu 150

Sectors : Medical

The MDS 150 is a machine developed in partnership with the BEIJING UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL OF STOMATOLOGY especially for the dental field.

Reference : MDS150
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MultiDental MultiEdu 150

The MD 150 is a machine developed in partnership with the BEIJING UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL OF STOMATOLOGY especially for the dental field.

The MD 150 has a volume of construction: Ø 150 mm, H = 80 mm and is dedicated to the production of parts for the dental sector, crowns and stellites in cobalt chrome (Note that the machine can be improved in MD150 PLUS by adding a glove box system allowing the handling of reactive powder like Titanium). Its high productivity allows the most optimal return on investment possible.

The machine is delivered with already certified powder parameters and particle sizes for easy handling. The machine is open and the manufacturing parameters used can however be completely modified. In addition, the machine is equipped with specific data preparation software. The user is free to use the powder of his choice.


Part preparation software for manufacturing is supplied with the machine and has been developed by the manufacturer. It has been specially developed for the machine and for dental applications to ensure unparalleled print quality.

It allows to carry out all the preproduction steps from the set up and the choice of the orientation of the parts on the stage of manufacture until the creation of the machine file:

    • Repair of STL files (normal error, hole, overlap, …)
    • Positioning (nesting translation and automatic placement, orientation and orientation optimization)
    • Part identification label automatically generated on media
    • Optimization of media generation (manual or automatic generation)
    • Choice and modification of manufacturing parameters and generation of the machine file)

The software is compatible with the main dental CAD software on the market including EXOCAD and 3 SHAPE.



  • System size: 1200 x 850 x 1820 mm
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • Operating temperature : 18 – 30 ° C


  • Usable construction volume : Ø 150 mm, H = 80 mm
  • Layer thickness : 20 – 30 μm
  • Laser type : IPG fiber laser – Yb 200W
  • Focus diameter: 30 – 50 μm
  • Scanning speed: up to 7 m / s
  • Atmosphere of production: Nitrogen
  • Gas consumption: 0.2 – 0.3 l / min
  • Filtration system: Two-level filtration system. Blocked powder can be collected and recycled for future reuse
  • Filter life: 240 h
  • Material : Co-Cr
  • Glove box : Optional – upgrade to the MD150 PLUS


  • Crowns : 70 crowns / 4h; 150 crowns / 6-6.5 hours; Consumption: 500-600 crowns per kilogram of powder
  • Stellites: 5-6 large stellites / 6-6.5 h, 3 productions per day; Or 15-18 tall stellites a day




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