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PANINI – Autoclave for rubber vulcanization

Manufacturer : PANINI
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry

Make at pressures and temperatures extremely stable, the process of vulcanization is applicable to a wide range of products.

Reference : 212a48591672
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The application field of these autoclaves, is vast. The systems can be used in the manufacture of electrical fittings, cuffs, gaskets, profiles, etc. Vulcanization of rubber in autoclave can be performed using a different system: direct satured steam, overheated water, forced hot air, mixture of satured steam and air…

Autoclaves dimensions vary between 0.5 and 6 m diameter and 1 to 30 m length. The pressure and the working temperature can go up to 20 bar and 400 ° C, or even more if necessary. Their values are very stable during the vulcanization process: +/-0.1 bar of pressure variation and +/-1 ° C for temperature variation.


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Panini is a top-tier supplier for autoclaves for curing composite materials in the following fields automotive / motorsport aeronautical / aerospace military naval / marine wind power generation architectural. panini_autoclaves_catalog

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