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PRIMA ADDITIVE – Laser Next 2141

Manufacturer : Prima Additive
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry, Medical, Jewelry, Railway

The Laser Next 2141 combines the efficiency and productivity of the other Laser Next products with unique flexibility. Thanks to multiple machine configurations (fixed tables, split cabin, shuttles and turn table) it can meet any production need.

Laser Next 2141 is a multipurpose solution developed and designed for large-part processing and jobshop production with advanced technology for different additive applications.

Reference : PRIMAADDITIVElasernext2141
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Laser Next 2141 METAL 3D PRINTER

Laser Next 2141 with Direct Energy Deposition technology is based on a laser metal deposition process.

The most versatile platform available today for direct deposition additive manufacturing.

The system can handle both large and small parts and is suitable for repairs, reworking and coating.

The 5-axis platform is particularly suitable for all sectors that require movement flexibility and high precision.

Thanks to Prima Additive’s Direct Energy Deposition technology, the powder deposited on the component is melted where it is needed by a deposition head that moves along 3 to 5 axes simultaneously.

5-axis motion with CNC control and full CAM suite

5-axis CNC system with integrated multiple crash protection, easy access and loading position. The addition of a tilting rotary table increases the machine’s flexibility by providing the system with two additional axes for more complex applications.

Suitable for many use

Can be used for parts manufacturing and reworking in a wide range of materials

Taking advantage of the workspace and easy installation, Prima Additive’s largest Direct Energy Deposition machine can be used for complex repairs and reworking.


  • Dimensions (L x l x h) : 7400 x 4650 x 4450 mm
  • Poids : 22000 kg (22 Tones)


  • Type de laser : Laser Yb IR, multimode (CW)
  • Puissance du laser : 1-6 kW (option de source)
  • Longueur d’onde du faisceau : 1070 – 1080 nm


  • Volume de fabrication : 4140 x 2100 x 1020 mm
  • Vitesse de fabrication (en fonction des paramètres du procédé et du matériau utilisé) : 50 – 100 cm3/h
  • Surveillance du niveau d’O2 : inférieur à 100 ppm (0,01%) et jusqu’à 50ppm
  • Matériaux : Acier inoxydable, alliage à base de nickel (inconel), alliage de titane, alliage de cobalt – chrome, alliage de cuivre,


  • Module d’alimentation : de 1 à 4 (1.5L each)
  • Logiciel Cam : MasterCam DED
  • Logiciel CNC : P30L Prima Power


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Prima is an Italian company belonging to the Prima Industrie group, which has been specialising in laser systems for industrial applications, sheet metal processing machines, industrial electronics, and laser sources for over 40 years.  Prima's proposal is to bring to the market a metal additive manufacturing solution using a proven…

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